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Published on June 5th, 2014 | by Christopher DeMorro


Nissan Planning Plug-In Hybrids For Launch Late Next Year


Though Nissan has invested heavily in its all-electric Leaf and NV200, it has apparently decided that plug-in hybrids have a place in their lineup too. Within the next two years, Nissan will introduce a plug-in hybrid model to help round out their lineup of green cars.

In an interview with Green Car Reports, Nissan’s Andy Palmer refuted earlier reports that Nissan had ditched plans for a plug-in hybrid model. Instead, Palmer insisted that newly-developed plug-in hybrid drivetrain was on the way for a late 2015 debut. Though he wouldn’t say what vehicles were being considered for the new hybrid drivetrain, he mentioned a dividing line based on weight. For Nissan, cars under 3,850 lbs, or about 1,750 kg, could become EVs. Anything heavier should opt for a plug-in hybrid drivetrain.

Apparently Tesla didn’t get Nissan’s memo.

Regardless, this seems to indicate to me that Nissan’s plug-in hybrid will likely take the form of an SUV, crossover, or do I suggest a compact pickup truck? That would be something else, and I don’t dare get my hopes up…but it’s still fun to imagine.

What Nissan models do you think deserve a plug-in hybrid drivetrain?

Source: Green Car Reports



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  • Ahmet

    Nissan qashqai will be best seller if it would be plugin hybrid.

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