Nissan Leaf First 100% Electric Vehicle Sold In Mexico −

Nissan Leaf First 100% Electric Vehicle Sold In Mexico

Nissan becomes the first company to sell a 100% electric vehicle

Nissan has announced that the Leaf electric vehicle is now for sale in Mexico, making it the first EV for sale to our southern neighbors. Presales begin today, and the little electric car will hit Mexican Nissan dealerships at the end of June.

Though it sits just south of the U.S.A., until now, Mexico has missed out on the green car revolution we talk about everyday. While those with the money to import a car like the Tesla Model S certainly have done so, the average middle-class Mexican was stuck picking through a wide variety of vehicles from a multitude of manufacturers, some offering modern vehicles, some still selling long-outdated designs.

Lookin’ at you, Volkswagen.

Nissan Leaf sales will begin in Mexico City and the surrounding area, and the Mexican government is working with Nissan to build an EV charging corridor between Mexico City and Cuernavaca. Eventually an entire national charging network will be built out from Mexico City. No mention on price, but being the only EV for sale in the entire nation certainly gives Nissan a chokehold on the market.



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