New Tesla Model S Metallic Grey Debuts −

New Tesla Model S Metallic Grey Debuts


A lot of praise has been heaped upon the Tesla Model S, though one area it has been lacking in since the start is the color palette. There were just eight conservative color choices to choose from when the Model S launched, and two years since the first of the electric sedans rolled off of assembly lines, Tesla hasn’t made new colors a top priority.

Still, there were rumors earlier that Tesla wanted to give buyers more color choices, and the first of those new options is a Metallic Grey that a recent buyer happened across at the Fremont, California factory. This brand new color has not yet been delivered to customers, and there are said to only be three built in this tone right now.

While adding a grey hue is about as conservative as it gets, Elon Musk wants buyers to compare the Model S with sedans from the likes of Mercedes, BMW, and Lexus. While there are exceptions, most of the “executive” sedans come in similarly-sedate shades. Why? I dunno, probably because that’s what the marketing geniuses say works, thought I think a nice electrifying yellow or blue could make the Tesla pop. As it is, it really just blends in, which isn’t a terrible thing as far as electric car buyers go. But some people want a little more “pop”.

This new Metallic Grey (also referred to as “Dolphin Grey”) isn’t the attention-getter some people might have been hoping for, but it isn’t bad looking either. Yet in the reddit thread where these pics were posted, one of the top comments pointed out a bright green Model S in the background. A custom paint job to be sure, and also proving my point that some people want to stand out from the crowd. A few brighter factory color options could cater to this crowd without too much effort on Tesla’s part.

What colors do you want to see on the Tesla Model S?

Images: Planned_Apathy


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  • Tesla has a very conservative and predominantly dark choice of colors for the Model S. I’d like to see some brighter colors. That purple that George RR Martin got is quite lovely too, and surprisingly is not at all gaudy.

    • Agreed. But fact of the matter is that Tesla is still supply constrained. Look forward to it making sense to offer more colors. I imagine the ones on offer are essentially the most popular car colors on the market.


    Metallic TEAL, please….

  • JG

    I’d love a green closer to the green car in the background. I’m not particularly fond of the dark, almost black, green they have.