London’s Taxi Fleet Adds The Nissan Leaf −

London’s Taxi Fleet Adds The Nissan Leaf


To become a cabbie in London takes a lot of studying in an effort to remember the locations of over 7,000 streets…without the aid of a map. The iconic black cabs of London are about to get some company though, as the Nissan Leaf joins the fun of ushering native Brits and eager sightseers to-and-fro across one of the world’s greatest cities.

London’s eConnect Cars has launched a fleet of seven Nissan Leafs, with another 14 slated to join their ranks, according to Green Car Reports. Based in the heart of London’s business district, the Leaf taxis have a distinct advantage in that they avoid London’s $20 daily congestion charge.

Over the course of a year, that turns into a serious chunk of change that could be better spent on improving the business. The EV exemption is one of many schemes European countries are using to get drivers into EVs, though Norway has arguably had the most success.

But it seems London’s efforts are starting to pay off, with these 21 Nissan Leafs replacing the often diesel-powered black cabs London has long been known for.



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