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Published on June 19th, 2014 | by Christopher DeMorro


Kia Soul EV Enters Production


Earlier this week the Kia Soul EV entered production at Kia’s South Korean factory, and when it hits roads, it’ll be Kia’s cleanest car yet. With an estimated 39.7% fewer greenhouse gas emissions over its useful lifetime than even the fuel efficient diesel version, the Kia Soul EV also introduces new sustainable materials and a second-generation electric drivetrain.

Driving the Kia Soul EV is a 27 kWh battery pack and a 109 horsepower electric motor. Though Kia claims the Soul EV can get an 80% charge in just 30 minutes from a Level 3 charger, the extra heft from the battery pack means a 0 to 60 MPH time in the 12-second range.

But real gangstas don’t run, and the Soul EV is hosts a lot of other green innovations that include bio-plastics and bio-based carbon content. Combined with the lack of tailpipe emissions, this makes the Soul EV the the cleanest car in the Korean automakers lineup according to TUV Nord. This is the first EV Kia will sell outside of Korea, but its the second generation of a production electric drivetrain for the automaker, which means customers are getting a refined and fleshed-out vehicle.

Millennials in America can get their hands on the Soul EV in the second half of 2014.


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  • bioburner

    Since the lease price undercuts the Leaf and has a battery made by SK Innovation it looks like the Kia should do ok. More power/better acceleration and larger “Trunk” space will be needed to get me in the drivers seat otherwise it looks Great. Might take one for a test drive if they ever come to Northern Virginia.

  • TedKidd

    I thought this car was already available on the west coast?

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