Iran Gets Its First EV −

Iran Gets Its First EV


In case you haven’t heard, the Middle East is in turmoil (again), sending oil prices spiraling higher and higher (again). Things have gotten so bad that America is aligning itself with both Syria and Iran in a bid to get these religious extremists contained.

Amid all this madness is a glimmer of good news though. After loosening the import tariffs on hybrid and electric cars, the first unspecified EV has been imported to the Islamic Republic of Iran, a nation rarely in Western news for anything good.

The mystery EV was imported via 17 different countries before getting to Iran, in part due to strict sanctions that have been used to put the pinch on a often-inflammatory and sometimes tyrannical government. Despite this, an EV managed to sneak into the isolated country, and Autoblog Green reports that the official statement on this EV gives it a range of about 62 miles. There’s only one mass market EV with that low of a driving range, and it’s the Mitsubishi i-MiEV (or one of the many different-branded variants).

Iran isn’t totally new to alternative fuels though, as the country has embraced natural gas to the point where it has the world’s largest fleet of natural gas vehicles. Could electric vehicles find a home in a nation not exactly known for its open-mindedness?


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