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Published on July 14th, 2014 | by Christopher DeMorro


Interview With The Man Bringing EVs To The Caribbean


Electric cars don’t make sense everywhere, but within the narrow confines of a Caribbean island, EVs are pretty much the perfect vehicle. EV World recently interviewed former Chrysler executive John Felder, who is the driving force behind an eight-island EV dealer network aimed at bringing EVs to the Cayman islands.

Felder retired to Grand Cayman island in 2007, and since then has lobbied the local government to lower its 42% import tax on electric vehicles. He succeeded in bringing the tax rate down to just 10%, making it the third-lowest EV import rate in the Caribbean. In a recent video interview with EV world, Felder also talked about his efforts to build an eight-island electric car dealership network with the aim of bringing EVs to the many other islands dotting the Caribbean Sea.

Felder’s efforts began with GEM neighborhood electric vehicles, and he also helped bring the Chinese-built Wheego electric car to Budget Cayman rental car. There are also a growing number of public EV chargers powered by solar or wind power.

The advantages EVs offer to island living should not be underestimated, and if you’re an island dweller yourself, this two-part interview is well worth watching.


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  • Carlos J Encarnacion

    Puerto Rico Has approved a no tax law on EV’s, Ley -81-2014. New EV’s entering the island are now tax free.

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