In Shenzhen, Apartments Must Come With EV Chargers −

In Shenzhen, Apartments Must Come With EV Chargers


Is China finally ready to commit to electric vehicles? The evidence is certainly mounting, with city after city passing pro-EV legislation. A new decree in the city of Shenzhen marks a huge step toward electrification in China, as all new apartment buildings must come with EV chargers for every parking spot.

The decree means that unless developers install EV charging stations in every parking spot, they won’t be allowed to sell a single luxury apartment or condo. Obviously, developers aren’t going to be too happy about this, but with epic levels of pollution choking many of the biggest cities, something has to be done.

The city government is concerned that a lack of available charging stations is holding back EV adoption, and they probably have a point. Shenzhen has just 81 fast-charging stations for an estimated 11 million people, though there are only some 6,900 EVs and plug-in hybrids on Shenzhen’s roads. Even so, that’s a painfully pitiful charging network, and it could stand in the way of mass EV adoption.

But the government expects that number to more than triple by the end of the year, thanks to a sudden, strong push from the central government on electric vehicles. Companies like BYD, Tesla, and Denza (owned in part by Mercedes) are gearing up for a big push towards EVs that includes charging networks of their own, and making an abundance of charging stations available to drivers could push fence sitters into the seat of an electric vehicle.

Who knows? Maybe staring at an EV charging port every time they park will convince some of these apartment buyers to give an electric car a whirl as well.


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