Georgia’s EV Incentives Show Its About More Than Just Money −

Georgia’s EV Incentives Show Its About More Than Just Money


Many Western States offer cash incentives to EV buyers to get them in the door, but after that, they’re on their own. Georgia, however, offers not just a chunky tax credit, but access to HOV lanes, plentiful charging stations, and special rates for off-peak charging. It’s a success story that should be emulated.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Georgia offers EV buyers $5,000 on eligible vehicles, the same as California. Add to that the $7,500 Federal tax credit, and you have a $12,500 discount on the EV of your choosing. But wait, there’s more! EV owners can drive in HOV lanes, a big boon during rush hour. Georgia Power Co. offers a special off-peak charging rate of just 6-cents per kWh, meaning you could fully recharge the Nissan Leaf for less than a $1.50. Georgia also has a high number of public charging stations, which is why the Atlanta metro area has the second-highest number of EV registrations, after San Francisco.

If these incentives sound familiar, it’s because Norway offers many of the same benefits to EV buyers. Over there, it’s help make the Nissan Leaf and Tesla Model S best-selling vehicles, and while Atlanta seems like an unlikely contender for America’s EV sales crown, it goes to show how effective the right kinds of incentives can be.


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  • Oumar DiAllO

    This is basically the same as here in California. I live near LA and we have all of those benefits too. Except we don’t get an additional 5000 rebate, its only 2500 and its availability is so limited it is on the verge of running out.

    • Yep, but just a few places in the US with such broad incentives. I think Georgia is highlighted bcs it’s more of a surprise than California.