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    Audi has made some bold claims regarding long-range all-electric cars in the past year or two. It has also talked repeatedly about a serious shift to EVs. But it is known for putting out a lot of PR vaporware.

    Do you think Audi is serious about becoming a leader in the EV arena? Or do you think it is bluffing and hyping beyond what it will deliver?

    Also, in that regard, I think it was part of the effort to get a 150 kW charging standard in Europe. But do you think it is working on bringing an actual 150 kW charging network to fruition (with partners)?

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    Based on the statement by the Audi exec that “Tesla did everything right”, I think Audi is serious.

    But I also think they’re really far behind, and I doubt that they can catch up. They’ve announced a car for 2018 (the “Q6 e-tron”) which might compete with the 2013 Model S or the 2015 Model X. But it’s already late (they originally said 2017); it’s not a cleansheet design; it looks like it’s going to cost more than a Model S; and it won’t have rapid charging.

    Which means Audi is kind of screwed — they’re trying to compete with Model S while Tesla is moving on to Model 3, and they haven’t yet even managed to put in all the elements to compete with Model S.

    Toyota (and Nissan and Hyundai) at least has a reputation for reliability to fight Tesla with. Audi has a reputation for unreliability.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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