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    How many 200+ mile electric car models do you think will be on the market in 2020? Thinking out loud…

    1. Tesla Model 3
    2. Tesla Model S
    3. Tesla Model X
    4. Tesla Model Y
    5. Chevy Bolt
    6. Another one from GM (no idea what it would be)
    7. Nissan IDS
    8. Long-range Nissan LEAF
    9. Another one from Nissan
    10. BMW i3
    11. BMW i5
    12. something from Volkswagen
    13. something from Porsche
    14. something from Audi
    15. something from Ford
    16. something from Renault
    17. something from Mitsubishi

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    Chevrolet could do something derivative from that:http://www.extremetech.com/extreme/203862-this-chevrolet-fnr-concept-car-is-science-fiction-made-real

    And Tesla should release the new Roadster in 2019, assuming that the Tesla Y would be a cross-over version of the Model 3.

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    I’m now thinking:
    — nothing from BMW (based on their announcement)
    — only one model from Nissan (they seem to be moving very slowly)
    — nothing from Ford (they seem openly hostile to large batteries)
    — nothing from Mitsubishi

    On the other hand,
    — definitely something from Hyundai, since they announced it

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    I’m thinking Nissan *might* bring one to market at end of 2017. But hard to know. Carlos said they wouldn’t announce anything like that since it would eat into their other electric car sales … as if the Bolt & Model 3 aren’t already doing so. πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜€ But he does have a point. It’s hard to know for sure when the Model 3 will arrive, and the Bolt is for select markets.

    I was hoping BMW would be bringing out the i5 within ~18 months, but not feeling very hopeful at this point.

    Am clueless about what Mitsubishi is going to do since it was just rescued by Nissan. Being a smaller automaker, it’s one of the most fit to pivot to EVs, and its success with the (limited-range) Outlander should lead it in that direction. With help from Nissan on the battery front now, maybe it’ll make a leap. Super hard to know.

    Don’t think GM is making any big moves after the Bolt & Volt 2.0 for awhile. But it could surprise us.

    So… time being, my guess is Nissan.

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    My 2 cents.

    The other half dozen Volkswagen labels beside Audi and Porsche.
    Two models from Volvo.
    SAAB has the intention to launch new electric cars before 2020.
    BYD might start exporting to Europe or the USA.
    Forget BMW, they don’t understand the threat BEV’s.
    Daimler has made a very significant move, ordering all its top management to get behind the wheel of an EV.
    FIAT/Chrysler only if Google pays for it.
    An all-electric Outlander.
    A couple of failing fuel-cell cars from the usual suspects.

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    In addition to BYD, I suppose Geely might move in on the non-Chinese market. They’re building the new London taxis.

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