First Volkswagen XL1 Delivered To Customer −

First Volkswagen XL1 Delivered To Customer

Volkswagen liefert ersten XL1 aus

If you want to see the future of fuel efficient cars, look no further than the Volkswagen XL1. The first 261 MPG Volkswagen XL1 coupe has been delivered to a customer in Germany, who’s excited to test drive the future.

Dr. Christian Malorny is the lucky (and wealthy) first owner of the Volkswagen XL1, which boasts a 800cc turbodiesel two-cylinder engine mated a plug-in hybrid drivetrain. The real secret to the high MPG though is the XL1’s incredibly light weight, tipping the scales at just over 1,700 pounds. Carbon fiber, aluminum, and other strong, light, and expensive materials went towards keeping the weight off, allowing the XL1 to travel as far as 31 miles on electric power only.

But there are, shall we say, compromises. The XL1 has seating enough for two, but just 4.4 cubic feet of cargo space. The suspension is also, for lack of a better word, bumpy, as Volkswagen engineers tuned it to stay at a precise level in order to maintain an extremely low drag coefficient of 0.189, the making it the world’s most aerodynamic production car.

Volkswagen only has plans to produce 250 XL1 coupes, and at an undisclosed lease price. Analysts have estimated the cost of the XL1 to be around (or possibly more) than $140,000, and it’s not your typical $140,000 vehicle.

One day though, we might all drive cars that follow the same philosophy as the XL1.


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