Evatran Teams Up With Mr. Electric On Wireless EV Charging −

Evatran Teams Up With Mr. Electric On Wireless EV Charging

evatranWireless electric car charging company Evatran has teamed up with the Mr. Electric Franchise Group to provide installation of wireless charging pads. It’s the latest effort to put EV charging stations everywhere, while making the process of charging even more convenient.

Evatran’s PLUGLESS L2 wireless charging station has undergone over two years of trials with companies like Google and Hertz Rent-A-Car, and can now be purchased for Nissan Leaf and Chevy Volt owners, though other vehicles will be supported later on in the summer.

Rebecca Hough, Evatran CEO and Co-Founder, had this to say;

“Our partnership with Mr. Electric ensures that PLUGLESS Systems will be installed in homes across the country with the highest regard to customer convenience and safety. We’re thrilled with the positive feedback from our early PLUGLESS owners and look forward to installing additional systems with support from the Mr. Electric electrician network and our growing network of dealership partners.”

Evatran will begin training Mr. Electric technicians in key EV hotspots soon, with the hope of bringing wireless charging to EV owners’ garages sooner rather than later.


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