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Published on June 5th, 2014 | by Christopher DeMorro


EV Connect Gets $1.5 Million Contract From New York


New York was recently announced as one of eight states working together to encourage EV use and adaption, and it’s already working towards that goal. The New York Power Authority has signed a $1.5 million deal with EV Connect to build New Yorks charging station infrastructure.

EV Connect will provide charging stations, management software and other services as part of the Charge New York Initiative introduced last year. Ultimately, New York wants to offer some 3,000 EV charging stations across the state as part of its contribution towards putting 3.3 million EVs on roads by 2025.

Based out of Los Angeles, EV Connect has primarily invested on the West Coast, but this new New York contract helps it set roots on the lucrative West Coast. EV Connect will be responsible for installing and maintaining 100 charging stations in 37 stations around New York. Customers can handle payment, and see how far along their EV charging is via a smartphone app.

Even better, EV Connect operates an open source charge management software, so just about anybody could take over the charging systems should EV Connect pull out for some reason, eliminating the risk of “zombie” charging stations. The first stations are already installed, with plenty more to come.

Source: EV Connect


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