EV Battery Sales Growing Exponentially −

EV Battery Sales Growing Exponentially

tesla-battery-packIn 2012 electric vehicle sales hadn’t taken off as many analysts hoped, and it seemed like green car makers were falling off left and right. Flash forward to 2014 though, and electric vehicle sales are on the rise, as are sales of EV batteries.

ev-sales.blogspot.com reports on the exponential growth of electric vehicle battery sales year over year by the kWh, and some of the big names might surprise you.

Leading the pack was Panasonic, which makes packs primarily for the Tesla Model S. Even the base Model S uses a 60 kWh battery, more than twice as large as the Nissan Leaf, and many Model S come with the 85 kWh battery pack option. That gives Panasonic a huge lead with 1,700 MWH worth of batteries built in 2013, compared with just 313 in 2013.

Coming in second place was AESC, which jointly builds batteries with Nissan for the LEAF EV. With 1,289 MWH worth of batteries built in 2013, that represents about a 50% increase over 2012, followed by LG with 812 MWH, which makes batteries for GM, Ford, and Renault, though the battery packs are much smaller.

From there the numbers take a big nosedive, with Lithium Energy Japan, BYD, and Siemans rounding out the top six, their culmative numbers a little more than half what LG built in 2013. But compared with 2012, all the numbers are heading in the right direction



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