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Published on June 26th, 2014 | by Christopher DeMorro


Early BMW i3 Buyer Notes His Likes, Dislikes

toms-i3Being an early adopter of new technology comes with a lot of perks and bragging rights. This is especially true of early EV adopters, who have access to thousands of dollars in tax credits, free refueling, and in some places access to HOV and bus lanes. But it also means serving as something of a test subject for would-be buyers slower to pull the trigger.

Tom Moloughney is one of the first people in America to own a BMW i3, and he’s been blogging about his experience with the electric car. After 2,000 miles, he composed a list of likes and dislikes, proving that even with a hotly anticipated vehicle like the i3, it isn’t all rainbows and fairy dust.

Tom’s list of likes was extensive, and includes;

  • Adaptive Cruise Control With Stop & Go
  • Seating Position
  • Charging Rate
  • Cargo Space
  • The Efficiency
  • Comfort Access
  • The Range Extender
  • Collision Warning
  • Hill Hold
  • Soft Speed Limiter
  • Acceleration

That’s a lot to like about the i3, especially from a guy who says he drives about 30,000 miles every year. So after a month of ownership, what doesn’t Tom like?

  • The Range
  • No Proper State of Charge Gauge
  • No Battery Temperature Readout
  • Glide Position Difficult to Achieve and Maintain
  • Windshield Glare
  • No AM Radio
  • The Thin Tires Can Get Caught in Pavement Grooves
  • Key FOB Doesn’t Open the Hatch
  • Regen Braking is Less Aggressive
  • Locking Connector
  • Regen Braking Disengages During Hard Turns
  • Software Bugs and Various Glitches

All that said, Tom is still a huge fan of the i3, and thoroughly enjoys driving it every chance he gets. As time goes on, one list is bound to get longer than the other. Which will it be? Want more details? Check out Tom’s blog for a deeper like of each pro and con of the BMW i3.

Image: Tom Moloughney


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