Danish BMW i3 Sales Surge Owing To New Carsharing Program In Copenhagen

Denmark EV SalesDanish BMW i3 sales surged in August owing to large orders relating to the new DriveNow carsharing program in Copenhagen, according to recent reports. Altogether, 407 BMW i3s were sold during the month (400 of those units being related the new carsharing program) — representing a huge increase over earlier months (100 BMW i3s were sold total during January–July).

While those numbers are impressive, they of course also mean that only seven i3s were sold in August separate from that deal — meaning a third-place ranking for the month without the deal, with the Model S, and the Mercedes C350e (10 units sold during August) taking the number one and two spots.

With regard to other electric vehicle (EV) models, the Tesla Model S still reigns supreme — with 111 units of the highly regarded EV being sold during August, bringing the year-to-date total to 725 units. This compares to 507 BMW i3s sold to date this year — meaning that, without the ridesharing deal, it wouldn’t even be close (107 units sold rather than 507).

For that matter, without the ridesharing deal, the BMW i3 would rank fifth in year-to-date sales, rather than second — with the Nissan e-NV200/Evalia (355), the Nissan LEAF (108), and the Renault Zoe (103), all ranking higher.

Taking a more detailed perspective here, 828 EVs were sold during August in Denmark, bringing the year-to-date total up to 11,994 units sold. Of these August sales, 5 units were of the Volkswagen e-Golf; 4 of the units were of the Mercedes S500 plug-in; another 4 were of the Renault Zoe; a further 3 were of the Nissan Leaf; and there were a number of other models that sold a couple of units each as well.

The year-to-date sales for the country represent a 140% year-on-year increase as compared to 2014 (when 828 units were sold during Jan–Aug).

Denmark EV Sales - Aug 2015

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