Chevy Volt Was The Highlight Of Bob Lutz’s Career −

Chevy Volt Was The Highlight Of Bob Lutz’s Career


For 47 years, Bob Lutz has bounced around the auto industry, holding high-ranking positions at Ford, Chrysler, BMW, and finally GM before his so-called “retirement”. He has seen some of the auto industry’s highest and lowest paint, and had a hand in developing cars like the Dodge Viper and the new Chevy Camaro.

But Bob Lutz’s favorite car from his 47-year career is none other than the Chevy Volt plug-in hybrid. That’s saying something.

The revelation came during a recent speach at Eastern Michigan University, where the Eastern Echo quotes Bob Lutz as saying his last ten years at GM were his favorite and that “Developing the Chevy Volt was without question my favorite.” He must certainly be proud to see that sales of the Chevy Volt have continued to make it a solid contender for global EV supremacy.

Of course, like any proud father, Lutz still has criticisms of the Volt. If he could have done it over, he would have made the Volt a truck instead. Lutz is now on the board of VIA Motors, builder of plug-in pickups, so he could just be saying that to stir the pot. Or maybe the Volt really would have done better as a truck. Tough to say.

What isn’t hard to see though is that Lutz has tied his legacy to the Chevy Volt. He has had his hand in developing numerous memorable and important cars, including the aforementioned Viper and Camaro. Lutz was also involved in the development of the Ford Explorer, and he championed the importation of the Holden Monaro as the short-lived, second-coming of the Pontiac GTO.

But Lutz has always been a champion of the electrification of cars, and the one vehicle he’ll be most remembered is, without a doubt, the Chevy Volt. For better or worse, Lutz and the Volt are forever intertwined.


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