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Zero Motorcycles Unleashes Electric Motorcycle Smartphone App

Zero Motorcycles and Brammo have actually made me possibly, one day, maybe, perhaps want to sit on a motorcycle. Zero Motorcycles recently started rolling out its 2013 lineup, but it has taken a little while longer to unleash what everyone has really been waiting for — smartphone apps for its electric bike owners. An iOS […]

March 5th

“Revolutionary” EV Charging Station — Volt Point

Giulio Barbieri S.p.A. has announced that it is about to release what it claims is the first electric vehicle charging station that isn’t anchored to the ground but is resistant to theft and vandalism. Say who? The name of the charging station is Volt Point (which is presumably in reference to the Chevy Volt, the most […]

February 23rd

39% Of California EV Owners Have Solar Panels (Infographic)

I’ve heard higher figures quoted regarding owners of specific electric vehicles, but this is the first “official” stat I’ve seen. California has more plug-in electric vehicles sold than any other state (12,000, or 35% of nationwide sales), and it’s now adding about 1,000 plug-in electric vehicles per month. A recent survey of 1,419 of these […]

February 23rd

1st Nationwide EV Fast Charging Network — In Estonia

The first nationwide system of fast charging stations for electric vehicles has now been completed in Estonia. The nationwide system was installed in order to speed the adoption of EVs in the country, and to help reduce the country’s carbon emissions. The system consists of 165 fast chargers that were built and installed by the […]

February 23rd

New Fast-Charging “Combo” Coupler Standard

A new technical standard for plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) and electric vehicles (EV) has been approved and just published today by SAE International, “a global association of more than 133,000 engineers and related technical experts in the aerospace, automotive and commercial-vehicle industries.” The SAE International standard is a huge step forward for EV and PHEV charging. […]

October 15th

New Easy-to-Install & Movable Home EV Charging Station

AeroVironment today announced a new, home EV charging station that is both easy to install and movable (picture below). This new “EVSE-RS Plug-In” is actually an expansion of the company’s popular EVSE-RS home charging product line. The EV charging station is for a 240-volt outlet — it can just plug right into one. So, absolutely no need […]

October 15th

In-Wheel Electric Drive

Electric vehicles are very different from gasoline-powered vehicles, as we all know. But one unique thing about electric cars that might not have crossed your mind is that the wheels of an EV could potentially receive their power directly from electric motors. Protean Electric, which has received tens of millions of dollars from Chinese and […]

October 8th