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Tesla’s Summon Feature & User Inattentiveness Cause Of Utah Man’s “Rogue” Model S Damage, According To Company

Originally published on CleanTechnica. A Utah man’s parked Tesla Model S recently went “rogue” and somehow crashed itself into the back of a parked truck, according to reports. The owner of the Model S involved has claimed that, after parking the car, standing outside for a 30-second or minute-long conversation, and then heading into a store […]

May 13th

Carlos Ghosn Talks Electric Cars, China, Autonomous Driving, & More

Originally published on CleanTechnica. Carlos Ghosn was once aiming to make the Renault-Nissan Alliance the world’s electric vehicle leader. To some extent (if you look at sales of electric cars to date), it currently is, but there’s obviously a looming vehicle and sales production target that looks set to blow the Alliance out of the […]

May 10th

Tesla Advertising Autopilot To Owners Via 30-Day Trial

Originally published on CleanTechnica. Tesla is apparently really eager to get Model S drivers sipping the autopilot kool aid, and it’s kicking efforts into high gear. Model S owners with Autopilot hardware but who did not purchase the option are starting to get in-car popups pitching a free 30-day trial of autopilot. While Tesla has not shared […]

April 25th

Tesla Searches Skyrocket Past Audi, VW, GM, Porsche, BMW…

Originally published on CleanTechnica. Tesla is set to disrupt the heck out of the auto market, according to many of us who watch the industry closely, and search trends on Google may be one of the earliest indicators. I have tried hard to remember who passed this insight on to me, but have been unable to […]

April 20th

BMW Unveils iNext Strategy Focusing On Autonomous Driving, Digital Connectivity, & Electrification

BMW has unveiled a new strategy, dubbed iNext, that calls for the company to focus on automated driving, digital connectivity, electrification, and lightweight construction, among other things, according to recent reports. The new “Project i 2.0” will see the company aim to “broaden its technical expertise” in the aforementioned areas — with the intent being […]

March 23rd

Riderless Electric Bike Prototype Designed By UK Startup

A riderless (semi-autonomous) electric bicycle prototype has reportedly been created by a crowdfunded London-based startup known as Sparky Automotive. Utilizing electronic gyroscope technology similar to the Segway, the riderless electric bicycle can apparently safely work its way through road junctions, traffic lights, and pedestrian crosswalks in a similar way to an autonomous car according to […]

March 22nd

Tesla’s Summon Feature Makes It To The UK

While Tesla owners in the US have had access to the company’s new semi-autonomous “Summon” feature — which allows owners to send their car to autonomously park itself, or summon it to the front door from the garage, etc — owners in many other countries have had to wait a bit longer (pending approval from […]

March 7th

Mobileye & Nissan Sign Memorandum Of Understanding To Integrate Road Experience Management Technology For Autonomous Driving Into Nissan Fleets

The autonomous driving technologies company Mobileye NV has signed a new Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Nissan with the intent of integrating Mobileye’s new Road Experience Management technology into the Japanese company’s fleets. The move means that Nissan has now joined the likes of General Motors (GM) and Volkswagen in possessing a partnership with Mobileye, […]

February 29th

Audi Uses Autonomous Audi A8 L W12 To Shuttle VIPs To Berlinale

Autonomous cars seem to be everywhere nowadays (that’s an exaggeration, I know), with the latest sighting being a driverless Audi A8 L W12 that served as a VIP shuttle at Berlinale. The driverless Audi in question apparently relied upon easily identifiable buildings for its orientation, along with other computations. This was then compared against a […]

February 19th