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Self-Driving Tesla Model S Spotted Near Company HQ?

Tesla reps have publicly stated that the company expects fully autonomous driving to be only ~2 years off, but how close the company actually is to achieving this goal/expectation is something of an unknown. With that thought in mind, it seems worth discussing here a post that I saw on the Tesla Motors Club forum recently […]

July 8th

Tesla Autopilot Crushes Mercedes-Benz S65 & Hyundai Genesis

The auto industry is home to a great many well-funded and entrenched interests. Which has resulted in some interesting coverage of Tesla and some of its controversial offerings and technologies (like Autopilot). All of that said, it’s been hard for most to deny how impressively Tesla has been performing these last few years. As a […]

July 7th

Tesla Firmware Update 8.0 Bringing Big Changes

Tesla’s soon-to-be-released over-the-air firmware update 8.0 will upgrade the Autopilot function so as to allow autonomous highway exiting, and overall improved Autosteering and traffic awareness as well, according to recent reports. The company has apparently referred to the upcoming update — which will include other changes in addition to those noted above — as the […]

July 2nd

Tesla Autopilot, Unfortunately, Logs Its First Fatality

Update #1: The fatal accident occurred in Florida. It took the life of an Ohio man, who had actually previously been greatly helped by Autopilot in what was nearly an accident. He had published dozens of videos of Autopilot in action, and just seemed like one of those genuinely nice people who make your day a bit brighter. […]

June 30th

Tesla Model 3 Will Destroy The Auto Industry — Here’s Why

I think we could call Julian Cox’s main presentation (he gave a couple) during our Berlin Cleantech Revolution Tour conference the keynote presentation of the conference. It was an eye-opening presentation (even for me) on why the Tesla Model 3 could be the key electric car that upends the global auto industry — and, no, this […]

June 28th

Local Motors Introduces “Olli” — First Self-Driving Vehicle To Utilize IBM Watson

The first self-driving vehicle to utilize the “advanced cognitive computing capabilities” of IBM Watson was recently unveiled by Local Motors. The new electric autonomous vehicle — which has been dubbed “Olli” — was unveiled during the recent grand opening event for the new Local Motors facility in National Harbor, Maryland.   As of today, “Olli” […]

June 19th

NVIDIA & NYU Partnering For Autonomous Driving Research

NVIDIA and New York University (specifically, it’s well-regarded deep-learning research team) are partnering for a new research collaboration focused around the development of autonomous driving technologies, according to a new press release. The new research collaboration will be based out of NVIDIA’s new auto-technology office in New Jersey. “NYU’s researchers will work with NVIDIA scientists […]

June 17th

Daimler Trucks’ Platform Strategy For Standardized Electrics/Electronics Architecture Moving Forward

Daimler Trucks is moving forward with its platform strategy to standardize electrics/electronics architecture across brands and regions, according to a new press release from the company. To put that perhaps more simply — there’ll be uniform hardware at the hearts of the company’s trucks, potentially allowing for rapid rollout of “technological innovations” (autonomous driving, etc.). A […]

June 14th

Apple Betting Big On Shared, Autonomous, Electric Vehicles

Apple has spent more money on the research and development of electric, autonomous vehicles in the last few years than it did on the development of the iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch — combined. So, needless to say, the company clearly has big plans for future “shared mobility.” With most analysts now predicting that the sector […]

May 31st

Tesla Autopilot Hardware Suite 2.0 Spotted On Test Mule? (Pics)

Originally published on CleanTechnica. It’s a certainty that Tesla is currently working on an upgraded “2.0” version of its Autopilot hardware suite — which is reportedly being developed with the intent of supporting fully autonomous driving. While there’s much speculation on the subject, not much solid info has been revealed about what exactly the company […]

May 28th

Stephen Curry Bought A Tesla Model X

Originally published on CleanTechnica. Edit: Note that a commenter has included a picture of Steph Curry, his wife, and his daughter in a Model X. Seems like a legit story. The prominent NBA basketball player Stephen Curry reportedly just bought a Tesla Model X, going by a recent article published on Seeking Alpha. While the […]

May 28th

Baidu Utilizing Inspur’s NF5568M4 Server For Autonomous Car Deep-Learning Platform Support

Originally published on CleanTechnica. We’ve previously reported on the Chinese internet mega-firm Baidu’s work to develop an autonomous vehicle. New reports have now revealed that Baidu is utilizing the Chinese IT manufacturer Inspur’s NF5568M4 server to offer hardware support to the deep learning platform of the company’s autonomous car. Notably, Inspur is currently in a strategic […]

May 26th

Tesla Issues New Software Update Forcing Summon Users To Select Direction Prior To Exiting Car When Initiating With Parking Brake

Originally published on CleanTechnica. Following reports of Tesla’s Summon feature possibly going rogue (Tesla disputes this), it seems that the company has decided to ensure that such occurrences aren’t possible — by forcing those initiating Summon with the parking brake to select a direction through the car’s interactive display before exiting the car (if the […]

May 21st

Mobileye & STMicroelectronics Co-Developing EyeQ5 System-on-Chip, Intended To Serve As Central Computer Performing Sensor Fusion For Fully Autonomous Vehicles

Mobileye and STMicroelectronics are co-developing the EyeQ5, the 5th generation of Mobileye’s SoC — with the intent being for the EyeQ5 to function as the central computer for sensor fusion in fully autonomous vehicles — according to a new press release from Mobileye. The companies apparently expect fully autonomous driving vehicles to begin hitting the market […]

May 19th

GM Exec: Tesla & Google Responsible For Acceleration Of Autonomous Driving Development

Originally published on CleanTechnica. The head of GM’s Foresight and Trends Unit, Richard Holman, was recently quoted as publicly stating the Tesla and Google were responsible for accelerating the development of autonomous driving technology. The comments — made at a recent industry conference in Detroit — also included a prediction that autonomous vehicle technology would […]

May 16th