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BMW i3 Coming, + BMW Electric Car Drivers Charge Less Over Time

The BMW i3 is set to roll out this year, which I think has many of us EV lovers a little giddy. BMW’s i series looks hot, different, sharp. It looks like it was made to fit with an era of iPhones and iPads. AOL’s AutoblogGreen recently got to chat with the head of product […]

March 21st

Nissan Leaf Is Hip, Hot (Commercial)

Nissan has a new commercial out (you can watch it below) for the Nissan Leaf. The key takeaway point that I think Nissan is (quite successfully) aiming for is that the Leaf is hip and hot (focusing quite a bit on its LeafLink app), that it is a great car for young guy or girl. […]

March 17th

2013 Nissan Leaf Specs, Price Cuts, & EV Charging Support

Nissan, I’m sorry to say (since I like Nissan and love the Nissan Leaf), is struggling a bit in the hybrid and EV market. Tesla, GM/Chevrolet, and Toyota are eating its lunch. Nonetheless, Nissan is still acting as a trendsetter, and I think it will have a brighter future. Some recent news from the company […]

March 13th

Self-Driving, iPad-Controlled Nissan Leaf RobotCar

Who knows if this will ever turn into something practical, but it’s pretty cool, and my guess is that it will help advance vehicle technology to some degree or another. Check out the videos below, and head on over to the University of Oxford’s RobotCar website for more info.

March 12th

Zero Motorcycles Unleashes Electric Motorcycle Smartphone App

Zero Motorcycles and Brammo have actually made me possibly, one day, maybe, perhaps want to sit on a motorcycle. Zero Motorcycles recently started rolling out its 2013 lineup, but it has taken a little while longer to unleash what everyone has really been waiting for — smartphone apps for its electric bike owners. An iOS […]

March 5th

LeafLink App Lets You Control Your Nissan Leaf Remotely

LeafLink is a smart phone app which enables you to control your Nissan Leaf in multiple ways. It enables you to control the A/C so it can cool shortly before you go out to get in it (so that you are not burnt by scorching summer heat). You can also turn on the heater before going […]

October 19th