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BMW Charging App Automates For Best Time, Lowest Cost

Like gasoline, electric rates can vary, with the cost going down with the sun. BMW has released a smartphone app that lets i3 and i8 owners automate charging based on time and electric rates. Just another of the many advantages EVs have. The BMW Shart Charging App gives BMW i customers the ability to identify […]

Tesla vs BMW: Who’s Leading The Way On Intelligent Cars?

Tesla vs BMW: who’s leading the way on intelligent cars? Awhile back, I wrote about the BMW X5 eDrive’s slick abilities to learn your driving habits, tell you how to improve those habits in order to drive more efficiently, adjust your driving for coming roadway changes, etc. Awesome stuff. And maybe BMW wasn’t the first […]

June 7th

New Chevy Volt App

For you Chevy Volt owners or soon-to-be owners, one of your crew has gone and created a new Chevy Volt app. Here are the details (with minor modifications) via the forum: Hi Volt/Ampera community, I am really exited to present an app, MyGreenVolt, specifically developed for our Volt. The purpose is to expose to […]

March 23rd

BMW i3 Olympics Commercials Nail It! (4 Commercials)

As you probably know, I love the BMW i3. It’s not the Model S, but it’s also a lot cheaper, and it’s still an amazing drive and I would say a “no-compromise” electric vehicle. That is, it’s better than any non-electric vehicle in my opinion. So, I’m super happy to see that BMW has made […]

February 10th

Tesla / Elon Musk Townhall Meeting In Amsterdam (56-Minute Video)

Tesla CEO Elon Musk and CTO JB Straubel recently stopped into Amsterdam for a 1-hour townhall meeting with Tesla Model S owners and enthusiasts. A video of the meeting was recorded (natch) and is embedded above. Questions related to navigation, charging in Belgium, vehicle-to-grid technology and plans, song availability in Europe, solar + Tesla, and much […]

February 7th

Renault Zoe EV Gets iPad App

The Renault Zoe EV — a French electric car that is currently sold in France, the UK, Germany, Italy, and Spain — has just gotten an iPad app that is supposed to be pretty innovative. The Renault press release states: Renault ZOE is now in your hands, thanks to an all-new app. Dive into the […]

July 22nd

iPhone Electric Scooters

The name Terra Motors may ring a bell for you. It has developed an awesome electric tuk-tuk, which we wrote about back in April. Well, the company has also developed an iPhone-connected scooter. With the A4000i, you just plug the iPhone into it (see pic above) and it supplies you with data about your electric scooter. For […]

July 22nd

BMW i3 Details

A number of additional details about the BMW i3 electric car were recently revealed by BMW. After a bit of corporate “we’re becoming sustainable because we also love the world” talk, BMW gets into some of the details: Like the car’s unique architecture – based around the LifeDrive structure and its carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic (CFRP) passenger […]

July 17th

Ford C-Max Energi PHEV (Review)

Here’s one more plug-in hybrid electric car review for the day. This one is for the relatively new Ford C-MAX Energi. Ford C-MAX Energi Review Nick Chambers of Gas2 has posted a detailed review over there of the 2013 Ford C-Max Energi (plugin-hybrid electric vehicle) he recently bought. Read the full review on Gas2, or check […]

July 14th

Chevy Volt Owner Review After 1 Year

Below is one useful review of the Chevy Volt. Notably, as with many things, financial savings or not from driving the PHEV are going to vary from person to person. Also, EV rebates or other incentives are available in several states, For example, California offers a $2,500 cash rebate. Additionally, as some one commenter on […]

July 14th

Glass Tesla

Yep, someone has already put in the equation “Google Glass + Tesla” and created the Glass Tesla app. In case it doesn’t embed well in the repost below, here’s a video about the app featuring the Glass Tesla creator, followed by a repost about the app from CleanTechnica: Tesla Google Glass App Introduced — “Glass […]

July 10th

Mobile Apps For Electric Cars On The Rise

No matter what you need, chances are that there’s a great app to make life easier. This is true for electric car owners as well. Many consumers are interested in green cars, but hesitate due to concerns about not being able to find a charging spot (which is really not as much of a concern […]

July 5th

Electric Car Cost vs Gas (Calculators)

Electric car cost vs gas car cost is a perennial issue of discussion. Of course, the result keeps changing, and the options for comparison keep growing (as more and more electric cars are available for sale or lease). In my last most recent comparisons of an electric car vs its gas-powered cousins, the Nissan Leaf […]

June 20th

BMW Sustainability Hackathon Winners Solve EV Charging Dilemmas

BMW recently hosted a hackathon in Mountain View, CA, aimed at addressing issues related to electric car charging. The hackathon was sponsored by ChargePoint and Drive Now. The big dilemma the hackathon was focused on was how apps could help in situations where someone is parked at a public EV charging station (even after charging) and […]

May 11th

EVs & Mobile Apps Are A Couple Made In Heaven

New technologies jive with people who like other new technologies — very generally speaking. Mobile apps, while already ubiquitous, are still quite new. EVs, not quite as ubiquitous, are also new (if you don’t count the fact that they were used about a century ago). So they make a good mix. EVs have repeatedly been […]

May 6th

Zappos CEO Purchases 100 Tesla Model S Sedans For Project 100

Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh recently announced a coming addition to his “Project 100” in downtown Las Vegas. The Tesla Model S will be part of his complete transportation system, with 100 Model S sedans being added to the fleet. If you’re not familiar with Zappos’ new downtown Las Vegas project, Project 100, it is being dubbed a […]

April 12th

Ford Offers $50K Reward For Fuel Economy App

The Ford Motor Company has recently announced a $50,000 challenge for today’s best app developers. Looking to regain the claimed fuel economy of some of its hybrids, Ford is offering a $50,000 award to developers who can create the best mobile or web-based apps that will help customers easily access their personal fuel-economy performance data […]

March 31st