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Key Factors For Wireless Power Transfer Identified In New Research

What happens to a resonant wireless power transfer system in the presence of complex electromagnetic environments, such as metal plates? A team of researchers explored the influences at play in this type of situation, and they describe in the American Institute of Physics’ journal AIP Advances how efficient wireless power transfer can indeed be achieved in the […]

August 4th

University Of Minnesota Solar Car Unveiled

Meet the Daedalus — the University of Minnesota’s new Cruiser-class solar racing car. The new — and rather interesting-looking — vehicle is going to be the university’s entry into the 2013 World Solar Challenge in October. These photos represent the vehicle’s unveiling before the 3,000-kilometer (1,864-mile) race across the Australian Outback. Solar Racing has more: […]

July 31st

Electric Car Pollution Much Less Than Gas or Diesel Car Pollution

This article is about a study published by Renault on the emissions of electric vehicles vs that of diesel- and gas-fueled vehicles. The Renault Fluence 4-door, 5-seat sedan product line was used for this study. This car is the: Diesel-fueled 1.5 L dCi; Gasoline-fueled 1.6 L 16V; Electric Z.E, with a 22 kWh battery bank […]

July 24th

Resolution: Solar Car From Cambridge University

Here’s another entry into the upcoming World Solar Challenge solar car race in Australia — Cambridge University’s solar car “Resolution”: Cambridge’s Solar Racer (Resolution) Includes Solar Tracking Tech (via Clean Technica) This article first appeared on Gas2. Keep up to date with all the latest World Solar Challenge solar cars and news here on CleanTechnica. […]

July 14th

Wireless EV Charging In Road Of The Future (Infographic)

Someone recently shared a “road of the future” infographic with me. I was happy to see that roads that charge your electric vehicle wirelessly were included. There’s a lot of other fun stuff in there that I’ve covered throughout the years. Check it out: Infographic via Car Loans 4U.

July 14th

Solar-Powered Car (Luminos) In Wind Tunnel Test (VIDEOS)

Stanford’s new solar-powered car for the World Solar Challenge in Australia, a solar car race, is called Luminos. More details about the car, including a nearly 10-minute video on the making of the car, are included in the CleanTechnica repost below. First, however, here’s a cool video of Luminos’ wind tunnel test in the famous Aerodyn […]

July 10th

Solar-Powered EV That Seats 4 (Stella)

This article is being reposted from Solar Love: If you’re unfamiliar with the World Solar Challenge, it’s an event where universities and research institutes create solar cars and race them 3000 kilometers (1864 miles) across the hot, dry landscape of Australia. Pretty cool. This year, Solar Team Eindhoven (STE) of Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) is doing […]

July 10th

Spying On Lithium Ions

Lithium-ion batteries very clearly dominate the current electric vehicle (EV) battery scene. Sill, they are a fairly young technology. There’s a lot still to learn and a lot of improvements could be made… and surely will. Some new research on this front out of Michigan Technological University (MTU) certainly looks promising. Here’s the update from MTU: […]

July 9th

CalCharge, CalCEF, & Berkeley Lab Team Up For Better Battery Research

Here’s a cool announcement from from CalCharge, CalCEF, and Berkeley Lab: BERKELEY, Calif. – May 3, 2013 – Beginning this month, the rapidly emerging California battery sector will have access to new resources to accelerate its growth: an opportunity to work alongside world-class scientists at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab). This opportunity is available to members […]

May 4th

New Research Sheds Light On The Life Of Lithium-Ion Batteries

Interested in buying an EV but holding out because of questions about battery lifespan? Well, now, new research recently presented at the 245th National Meeting & Exposition of the American Chemical Society (ACS) can provide you with the answers that you’re looking for. “The battery pack could be used during a quite reasonable period of […]

April 12th

Lithium-Sulfur Batteries Get Technological Boost

A new lithium-sulfur battery design has been created that improves the charge cycles of lithium-sulfur batteries by a factor of seven. This significant improvement in technology means that perhaps in the near future, lithium-sulfur batteries, which are considerably more cost-effective that lithium-ion batteries, will become a viable choice for use in electric vehicles. The new […]

April 3rd

Wireless Power Transmission For Transit, Trains, Harbor Freight, Etc.

A completely wireless power transmission technology capable of powering high-capacity transport (such as high-speed rail, harbor freight, and airport transportation) has been developed by the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) and the Korea Railroad Research Institute (KRRI). It is able to supply a steady and constant 60 kHz and 180 kW of […]

February 21st

GM Opens EV Research Center In China, Unveils Sail Springo EV At China Auto Show

GM made a couple of big EV announcements in the past couple weeks. The automobile giant announced on Thursday that it had opened a global research center in China. The research center’s focus is on electric vehicles. The company “hopes to take advantage of the country’s vast supply of engineering graduates to drive its development of a new […]

December 2nd