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Wireless EV Charging As Fast & Efficient As A Tesla Supercharger?

What do you say to the idea of a commercial wireless electric vehicle (EV) charging system that can recharge a battery as fast as one of Tesla’s Supercharger stations can? Does that sound plausible to you? While skepticism seems merited in this case, one of Momentum Dynamics’ researchers (John M Miller, PE, PhD, formerly the […]

August 24th

Single Exposure To Auto Air Pollution Induces Pulmonary Stress

Even just a single, sub-clinical exposure to extracts of particulate matter taken from the side of a roadway is enough to induce transient pulmonary stress (via oxidative and inflammatory pathways), according to new work from an international team of researchers from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, the Weizmann Institute of Science, and Ben-Gurion University of the […]

July 15th

Autonomous Electric Taxis Not Just Cool, Also Super Green

Originally published on Gas2. Many of us have begun dreaming of a future where most of the cars on the roads are autonomous cars, and of course electric cars. Beyond dreaming, many are expecting this will be a reality before we shed out human flesh and… well, I’ll leave it to you to guess what’s next. But […]

July 9th

BMW & NTU Singapore Ganging Up On Electromobility Challenges

Electric vehicles are the future. Many large auto manufacturers either don’t seem to get it or are simply trying to postpone the future for as long as possible while they make money on their ICE vehicles. BMW, though, is one of the car companies most willing to call a spade a spade and dive into […]

July 7th

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Cars — #FAIL, In Depth

“Hydrogen: It’s the fuel of the future — and it always will be.” That’s the longstanding joke about hydrogen fuel cell cars, and it’s probably the best way to sum up the story. But this isn’t a short summary. This is the article I intend to reference every time I feel I need to respond to […]

June 28th

How Much Support Is There For A Low-Carbon Fuel Standard?

How much actual public support is there for a low-carbon fuel standard (LCFS)? A number of different approaches to LCFSs have been used in various regions of the world over the last decade, providing us with some interesting data on that count. As part of some new work from Simon Fraser University, researchers there have […]

June 3rd

Are Gas Pumps The Dirtiest Thing That You Touch?

Another reason electric cars are so much better than gasmobiles! Originally published on CleanTechnica. Are gas pumps one of the dirtiest (contaminated with known pathogens) things that you can touch? Apparently so, based on the findings of a new study performed by Kimberly-Clark professionals while investigating “germ hot spots” as a component of the company’s […]

June 1st

Cleantech Talk #7: EV Battery Prices & Lifetimes, VW’s Stake In QuantumScape, & “Hidden” EV Benefit

This week’s Cleantech Talk news episode is something like a “battery special.” Chris DeMorro and I talk about new research highlighting the fast-dropping price of electric vehicle batteries, the wide variation in the lifetimes of different lithium-ion cells, and VW’s stake in solid-state battery startup QuantumScape. We started off the show chatting about new research highlighting a “hidden […]

March 30th

Most Fuel Efficient Cars In 2015 (USA)

Our “most fuel efficient cars in 2014” article was one of the most popular articles on the site for a long time… and now it’s time for an update. Of course, US cars just keep getting more and more efficient, especially electric cars, which lead the pack. The most efficient cars on the market are all electric […]

January 5th

VW Investing In Battery Startup With Aim To Triple Electric Vehicle Range

Volkswagen (VW) has bought a chunk of battery startup QuantumScape Corp, and those close to the deal say that the aim is an electric vehicle battery with 3 times the range (presumably, for the same cost). Talk is bold in the battery startup space, and numerous startups (as well as large companies) have been aiming for […]

December 28th

Nissan Has Some Fun With Self-Cleaning LEAF

Originally published on CleanTechnica. Along with Zero Emissions, the Nissan LEAF’s exquisite ability to repel any liquid that spills on it incites video fun with hidden cameras setting off a social media campaign (Candid camera style). Hidden cameras catch people walking by as fake workers pull the passersby into the “accidental” action of paint spills. The […]

December 7th

UK Electric Vehicle Projects Can Compete For £15 Million

The UK government and the non-departmental public body Innovate UK are partnering to put up about £15 million ($24 million) for the country’s latest low-emissions vehicles competition. Of that £15 million, £11 million ($18 million) will be provided by the UK’s Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV), with the other £4 million ($6 million) provided by […]

October 31st