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Tecnalia Foundation: In-Wheel Electric Motors Exceeding Expectations

In-wheel electric motors developed by the Tecnalia Foundation have been performing much better than estimates before testing suggested they would — with power being 50% to 60% higher than expected — according to recent reports. As the online translation service that I used for this hasn’t provided a great translation, and I’m not a native […]

April 29th

Study: EV PM10 Emissions Equal To Those Of ICE Vehicles (If You Take The Study At Face Value…)

A new study from researchers at the University of Edinburgh and the independent engineering firm INNAS BV has found that, when the (presumed) additional weight of electric vehicles and other factors are considered, PM10 “emissions” from electric vehicles and gas- and diesel-powered vehicles are equal. How serious should these findings be taken? While the study […]

April 25th

New Methods Of Extracting Lithium From Natural Brine Studied By Researchers At LUT — Purity Of Extracted Lithium Solution Increased To 99.9%

Researchers at Lappeenranta University of Technology in Finland recently completed work examining new methods of extracting lithium from natural brine sources — revealing that the new methods allow for an increase in the purity of the recovered lithium solution from around 95% all the way up to 99.9%. Accomplishing such a high degree of purity […]

April 18th

Pollen Grains As Carbon Architecture Basis For Lithium-Ion Anodes

The carbon architecture basis of lithium-ion battery anodes can be created from pollen grains, according to new research from Purdue University. The new work involved converting bee pollen and cattail pollen grains into carbon microstructures through “a facile, one-step, solid-state pyrolysis process in an inert atmosphere.” Findings were published in Nature’s journal Scientific Reports. The […]

February 16th

5 Reasons Teslas Trump Every Other Electric Car

We get criticized a little bit for writing too much about Tesla. However, so far, Tesla is just in a very different league than all the other electric car producers. Not even speaking about the Tesla Model S or Model X specifically, there are 5 big reasons a Tesla (generally speaking, and including a Tesla […]

February 9th

China’s BAIC EV Sets Up R&D Center In Detroit

Chinese manufacturers have taken over much of the overall manufacturing pie from the US, and many components of cars are produced in China. Now, there’s also a booming Chinese car market… in China. These cars, for the most part, haven’t yet hopped over the ocean to the US, but perhaps the time is coming. One potential […]

January 28th

Nissan Future-Gen EV Batteries To Be Produced In UK

Nissan has announced that it will be producing future-generation EV batteries in Sunderland, in the UK. First of all, this is exciting news for Sunderland and the UK as a whole, as it means high-quality, high-paying jobs for hundreds of people. Additionally, I’m viewing it as positive news for Nissan, since it seems to indicate that […]

January 28th

Lithium-Air Battery With Up To 5 Times The Energy Density Of Conventional Lithium-Ion Batteries Created By Researchers At Argonne National Laboratory

A new lithium-oxygen battery design based around the use of lithium superoxide (LiO2) — promising an energy density up to 5 times higher than that of conventional lithium-ion batteries — was recently demonstrated by researchers at Argonne National Laboratory. The new battery design — created in cooperation with researchers elsewhere in the US and in […]

January 24th

Samsung SDI Brings EV Batteries To Detroit Auto Show

Originally published on GAS2. Not long ago, an EV battery would never find its way onto the floor at the the North American International Auto Show. It was all about mechanicals — engines, overhead valves, camshafts, and gears. Today, it is about technology and electric cars. Samsung SDI brought samples of its latest battery cells to […]

January 15th

ARPA-E Awards $3 Million To New Solid-State Sodium Battery Development Project

A new solid-state sodium battery development project being worked on by researchers at Iowa State University (amongst others) was recently awarded $3 million in new funding via ARPA-E’s 2015 OPEN funding initiative, according to recent reports. (ARPA-E stands for Advanced Research Projects Agency–Energy.) The new research project in question is headed by Steve W Martin […]

December 20th

Solid-State Lithium-Ion Battery Technology Developed To Reduce Internal Resistance, Improve Charge-Discharge Performance

A new technology that reduces the internal resistance of solid-state lithium-ion batteries, and thereby improves charge-discharge performance, has been developed by researchers from Hitachi and Tohoku University’s Advanced Institute for Material Research. The new technology utilizes LiBH4-based complex hydrides as novel solid electrolytes in order to achieve the performance improvements — and, as a result, […]

December 14th

Solar Cars Save Money

Originally published on Clean Power Research. By Gavin Novotny Is it possible to save more money by combining an electric vehicle (EV) with a home solar PV system rather than considering each individually? Often the answer is yes, and the additional savings can be substantial. To help energy consumers answer that question, residents of New […]

December 8th

Model X Fuel Efficiency Tidbits & Related Points

Originally published on CleanTechnica. By Mike Barnard The Tesla Model X is the first fully electric SUV in the world. It was announced with much fanfare — Bioweapon Defense Mode! Falcon-wing doors! Clown-car volumes of people and luggage coming out! — by Musk with a handful of lucky and rich people getting early editions and […]

December 7th