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Ford’s Hybrid & Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle Arrival

Ford has not historically been a leader in hybrid or electric vehicle technology. Toyota and Honda very clearly led the introduction of mass-market hybrid electric vehicles. More recently, Nissan and GM have led the burgeoning 100% electric and plug-in electric vehicle markets. But maybe Ford actually had a strategy. (Yes, I generally give people the […]

July 25th

EV Sales Doubled In 2013 — Why?

The US Department of Energy (DOE) recently announced that about twice as many electric vehicles were sold in the first half of 2013 compared to the first half of 2012. The DOE noted the very low cost of fueling an electric car versus fueling a gasmobile, and the eGallon tool it recently unveiled. “The eGallon, a […]

July 24th

Renault Zoe EV Gets iPad App

The Renault Zoe EV — a French electric car that is currently sold in France, the UK, Germany, Italy, and Spain — has just gotten an iPad app that is supposed to be pretty innovative. The Renault press release states: Renault ZOE is now in your hands, thanks to an all-new app. Dive into the […]

July 22nd

100% EV Sales Beating PHEV Sales In US

Green Car Reports recently stumbled across an interesting fact — 100% electric vehicles (led by the Nissan Leaf and Tesla Model S) have actually outsold plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) in the first half of 2013 in the US. PHEVs have generally been portrayed as a bridge technology between gasmobiles and 100% electric vehicles. But […]

July 17th

Fiat 500e Sold Out In California (Only Market)

Granted, the beautiful and fun Fiat 500e surely hasn’t been produced in large numbers, but it’s worth noting nonetheless that the vehicle has sold out even before customer deliveries have begun. Not bad. More info from CleanTechnica: Sold Out! California Runs Out Of The Fiat 500e EV (via Clean Technica) Looking to purchase or lease […]

July 12th

Electric Motor Revenue To Boom

Obviously, I think electric vehicles will do very well, that electric motors are the future. But I’m not the only one. Read about Navigant Research’s latest electric motor revenue forecast and some critiquing of that in this CleanTechnica repost: Electric Drive Motor Revenue To Surpass $2.8 Billion (Or Much More) Annually By 2020 (via Clean […]

July 11th

EVs & Mobile Apps Are A Couple Made In Heaven

New technologies jive with people who like other new technologies — very generally speaking. Mobile apps, while already ubiquitous, are still quite new. EVs, not quite as ubiquitous, are also new (if you don’t count the fact that they were used about a century ago). So they make a good mix. EVs have repeatedly been […]

May 6th

US Hybrid Vehicle Market Share Grows By 41% In 2012

According to a new study from Experian Automotive, hybrid vehicle market shares in the US increased by 40.9% in 2012. The overall market share increased from 2.2% to 3.1% in a single year. While hybrid vehicles still only make up slightly more than 1% of the total vehicles in operation, the hybrid vehicle segment has witnessed steady growth […]

April 28th

Nearly 200,000 Plug-In Electric Vehicles With V2B Technology To Be Sold By 2020

In a recent study by Navigant Research, the market research firm reports that nearly 200,000 plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs) equipped with vehicle-to-building (V2B) technology will be sold from 2012 through 2020. (This should be a standard option on all PEVs sold.) The V2B technology allows the energy stored in the PEV batteries to be available to commercial and residential […]

April 8th

Hybrid Vehicle Sales Up 32% So Far This Year

New research conducted by Autodata Corp. shows that hybrid electric vehicle sales were up 32% for the first two months of this year, compared to the same period last year. This is not surprising at all considering the cost of gasoline these days. But that is not the only factor for the increase in hybrid sales this year. […]

April 8th

39% Of California EV Owners Have Solar Panels (Infographic)

I’ve heard higher figures quoted regarding owners of specific electric vehicles, but this is the first “official” stat I’ve seen. California has more plug-in electric vehicles sold than any other state (12,000, or 35% of nationwide sales), and it’s now adding about 1,000 plug-in electric vehicles per month. A recent survey of 1,419 of these […]

February 23rd

EVs Selling Well At This Stage Of Their Evolution

One of the most common myths repeated and repeated and repeated in mainstream media (and even in cleantech and EV media) is that plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs) aren’t selling well. Quite to the contrary, for this stage of the technology’s evolution, they’re selling very well. The first question that probably comes to mind for you […]

February 19th

Over 11 Million EV Charging Stations by 2020, Pike Research Forecasts

Market research forecasts are almost never correct, but decent ones do give a good sense for how things are likely to change in various industries. I’ve found that Pike Research does a pretty good job of conducting cleantech market research reports. Its latest is on the growth of electric vehicle (EV) charging stations around the […]

October 9th