One More Time (Only 7 Questions)

If you haven’t yet answered the survey below (and available here), please take ~3 minutes to do so! Create your own user feedback survey The survey fills out some remaining questions I had for both electric […]

Lux Research: Volkswagen “In A Strong Position To Innovate Their Way Out Of This Mess”

Despite the legal (and public perception) issues, Volkswagen could well be in a “strong position to innovate their way out of this mess,” according to the research firm Lux Research. This possible outcome, according to the […]

Why People Buy Electric Cars… So Far

Following up on the slew of EV survey results I’ve been sharing, this article focuses on the question of why people buy electric cars. However, I think it’s very important to remember that the data presented are from […]

Quick Electric Car Survey

I’ve started writing an electric vehicle report based on the three EV surveys we conducted recently (especially this EV driver survey and this wannabe EV driver survey), but a few extra questions were suggested or came to mind that […]

Electrifying Transport: Necessary Policies

In this final presentation from the Electrifying Transportation panel I moderated at the Renewable Cities Global Learning Forum, professor Jonn Axsen from Simon Fraser University discusses findings he and his team have made in ~10 years […]

Electric Vehicle Revolution Scenarios

Via CleanTechnica: By Mike Barnard A tipping point has been reached in the last two years for electric cars. Almost half of all fully or partially electric vehicles sold in the past decade were sold in […]

EV Conference In Florida — Hope To See You There!

As I announced last month, I’ll be presenting at an upcoming electric vehicle conference in Florida toward the end of October. More details regarding the “EV Transportation and Technology Summit” are now out, and I think […]

100% Electric Household? Or Backed Up By A Gasmobile?

Another recent poll on the Tesla Motors Club (TMC) forum is super interesting to me. The pollster asked about whether respondents’ households were 100% electric or included gasoline-powered cars as well. Being a survey on the TMC […]

National Drive Electric Week Is Coming Up! Get Involved!

National Drive Electric Week (September 12–20) is quickly approaching. If you haven’t committed to joining an event yet, check out the 147 (and counting) events already planned across the country. If there isn’t an event in a […]