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2013 Nissan Leaf Range Gets 15% Boost In Europe, Price Drop

The UK-produced Nissan Leaf is reportedly getting a bit of a performance boost. The 2012 Japan-produced Leaf got a very respectable 109 miles of range (on a single charge). However, the 2013 UK-produced Leaf will get 124 miles of range. The improvements come from a few separate improvements in the technology and design of the […]

March 3rd

February Volt & Leaf Sales Up

While there are now about a dozen plug-in electric vehicles (PEV) on the market in the U.S., the Chevy Volt and Nissan Leaf are still the clear leaders in sales. They are also sort of like the Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston of EVs — they’re celebrities in the EV world, and we read and […]

March 3rd

Honda Fit EV Gets Chosen For Portland Zipcar Fleet

The highly efficient, 100% electric Honda Fit EV just recently made its debut on the U.S. East Coast. Now, news is that it has also made it into Zipcar’s Portland carsharing fleet. Zipcar’s Honda Fit EVs, to start with, are only available Portland State University (PSU). They come with charging stations courtesy of ECOtality. Additionally, Zipcar customers […]

March 1st

Honda EVster Concept Sports Car

The Honda EVster is a concept sports car with a pretty cool look, imho. The goal seems to be for the car to hit the market in 2014. We’ll keep an eye out and get more news published on the small & sporty EV when it becomes available. For now, here are some pics and […]

February 24th

Mitsubishi Unveiling Two Concept Hybrids At 2013 Geneva International Motor Show

Mitsubishi is going to unveil a couple of concept hybrid vehicles at the upcoming Geneva International Motor Show. The “Gran Runner” hybrid electric vehicle (or GR-HEV) and the “Compact and Advanced Technology” plug-in electric vehicle (or CA-MiEV) would follow the early lead of Mitsubishi’s i-MiEV, which was the world’s first mass-produced plug-in electric vehicle when it was […]

February 23rd

Honda Fit EV Hits East Coast

The Honda Fit EV, the most efficient car on the market, was released on the West Coast last year (in particular, in California and Oregon). Now, it is also coming to the East Coast this month. In particular, it will be coming to select markets in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maryland, New York, and New Jersey. As […]

February 23rd

EV Sales — Important Context Often Overlooked

Tagging onto my recent post about the fact that plug-in electric vehicle sales are actually doing quite well for this stage of their development, TreeHugger‘s Michael Graham Richard had a good post adding even more context that puts EV sales in a good light. Some of these things crossed my mind while writing the first […]

February 23rd

39% Of California EV Owners Have Solar Panels (Infographic)

I’ve heard higher figures quoted regarding owners of specific electric vehicles, but this is the first “official” stat I’ve seen. California has more plug-in electric vehicles sold than any other state (12,000, or 35% of nationwide sales), and it’s now adding about 1,000 plug-in electric vehicles per month. A recent survey of 1,419 of these […]

February 23rd

EVs Selling Well At This Stage Of Their Evolution

One of the most common myths repeated and repeated and repeated in mainstream media (and even in cleantech and EV media) is that plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs) aren’t selling well. Quite to the contrary, for this stage of the technology’s evolution, they’re selling very well. The first question that probably comes to mind for you […]

February 19th

Second Thing I Learned From The Tesla–NYTimes Debacle

(Update) Also See: Third Thing I Learned From The Tesla–NYTimes Debacle As I just noted in another article, even I have learned something pretty important from this whole Tesla–NYTimes debacle. But the thing discussed in that article isn’t the only thing I learned from all this. I’ve also learned that it’s a lot easier to get […]

February 18th

One Of The Biggest Things I Learned From The Tesla–NYTimes Debacle

(Update) Also See: Second Thing I Learned From The Tesla–NYTimes Debacle Third Thing I Learned From The Tesla–NYTimes Debacle I’ve written several articles on the Tesla–NYTimes (or Tesla–John Broder) story. But way beyond the specifics of that actual story, several electric vehicle topics keep coming up in other bloggers’ or reporters’ articles about the story, […]

February 18th

Comparing Electric Cars To Gas Cars

Update: I’ve changed the images below to only show the first 8 years of ownership, since the warranties for batteries tend to end at 8 years, and we have no good idea of what an EV battery will cost in 8 years, nor for how long the batteries will actually last. So,… when I ran […]

December 7th

Is An Electric Car Worth It?

UPDATED COMPARISONS HERE — better assumptions (especially the price of a Ford Focus most comparable to the Ford Focus Electric) — but doesn’t include the intro sections below. Is an electric car worth it? Probably a common question these days. First of all, it’s worth noting that there are many, many factors to consider when […]

December 6th