BYD Electric Bus Goes Nearly 750 Miles In 24 Hours −

BYD Electric Bus Goes Nearly 750 Miles In 24 Hours

BYD electric bus

After taking delivery of the first second-generation BYD electric buses, the Antelope Valley Transit Authority (AVTA) has completed its second test of the zero-emissions buses. In a 24 hour period, three shifts in the BYD electric bus managed to drive a total of 746 miles, recharging just three times during its travels, reports Green Car Congress.

This wasn’t done on an empty bus either; 5,000 pounds worth of sandbags were added to simulate the weight of 35 passengers, and the air conditioning was used except at night and in the early morning, and the bus was able to do a loop between Palmdale and Rosamond, California. The distance covered totaled 746 miles, which over 24 hours works out to an average speed of about 31 MPH.

Each driver shift logged between 240 and 256 miles before recharging, 100 miles more than BYD advertises and 30 miles more than an average transit route in Antelope Valley requires. Says AVTA Board Chair Norm Hickling;

“This is tremendous news and it proves the BYD electric bus can be a transit work horse like its diesel counterpart. We are looking forward to putting our electric buses into service on local transit routes to further evaluate their true performance under all weather and road conditions.”

With more driving range than most transit systems need, range anxiety shouldn’t stop the adoption of electric buses into our transit system. Instead it’s likely the cost, priced at about double what a conventional diesel bus costs. That will buy a lot of dirty diesel fuel, and it will admittedly take years, perhaps decades, for electric buses to eventually pay for themselves.

But at least the naysayers can’t complain about range anxiety anymore.


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  • DGW

    Many polluted cities around the planet will realize the cost of toxic air costs far more than an all-electric bus.
    This is the future of buses, taxis and delivery vehicles – and they are the dirtiest.

  • Steve Grinwis

    Sounds like electric buses are primed for cheaper batteries. That should arrive, what, next year?