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Published on July 3rd, 2014 | by Christopher DeMorro


BMW i8 Full Pricing And Options Announced

bmw-i8We’ve known for some time that the BMW i8 supercar would cost in the range of $135,700, before a $950 destination fee that brings the price up to a cool $136,650. But what about options? Well thanks to the BMWBlog, we now know what those few options will cost you.

90% of buyers of the initial production run of i8s are limited to the $10,800 “Pure Impulse World” launch edition, which adds a whole bunch of (even more-so) luxury features. Among these features are perforated grey leather seats, embossed headrests and seat belts, leather-trimmed floor mats, leather engine and trunk cover, and a zirconium oxide ceramic gear shift cover.

All that sounds fancier than anything found in one of our daily drivers, though the BMW i8 is no average car. There’s also the $3,000 Terra World package, which adds 20-inch wheels, i blue seatbelts, and LED head lights, as well as the base Giga World, which serves as the base model. All models are available in one of six exterior colors, though two of the colors, Crystal White Pearl Metallic and BMW i Frozen Blue will cost you an extra $1,800.

All told, you can max out your BMW i8 at just a hair under $150,000. What, did you expect any less?


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