BMW Charging App Automates For Best Time, Lowest Cost −

BMW Charging App Automates For Best Time, Lowest Cost


Like gasoline, electric rates can vary, with the cost going down with the sun. BMW has released a smartphone app that lets i3 and i8 owners automate charging based on time and electric rates. Just another of the many advantages EVs have.

The BMW Shart Charging App gives BMW i customers the ability to identify the best electrical rates and time for charging their vehicles at home. This almost inevitably means charging in the dead of night, when electric use is at its lowest. The Smart Charging App is integrated with the BMW i Remote App, providing owners a real-time look at the charging status of their car.

BMW claims that this simple little app could save owners as much as $400 a year by charging at off-peak hours. The app will first be made available to BMW’s “Electronaughts”, those test drivers of the BMW ActiveE electric car, though the app will soon roll out for the i3 and i8 sometime in 2015.

When’s the last time an app saved you $400?



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