Bill O’Reilly Urges Conservatives To Support EVs −

Bill O’Reilly Urges Conservatives To Support EVs

Political conservatives in America have been notoriously anti-alternative energy in the past few years, jumping at every chance to lampoon solar panels, wind power, and electric vehicles. But the tide may be shifting as conservatives, for their own reasons, are beginning to embrace green energy and EVs.

Conservative pundit Bill O’Reilly recently had a segment on his highly-rated talk show where he urged his viewers to reconsider their opposition to green energy. His reasoning? To hurt the pockets of America’s foes like Russia and Saudi Arabia. O’Reilly put his push towards green energy in terms of the crisis in Ukraine, which relies heavily on natural gas imported from Russia, which has been increasingly aggressive in past months towards its neighbor.

O’Reilly even went so far as to defend Tesla’s Federal green loans, which it has already paid back, and says electric vehicles are serving “the greater good”.

Don’t take my words for it though; watch O’Reilly’s recent segments for yourself as he comes to the defense of both Tesla and the green loan programs so many conservatives hate. Is this the beginning of a shift in the conservative stance on alternative energy, or is O’Reilly alone on his side of the aisle?


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  • anderlan

    Is this several months old or did he say it again just now?

  • James Van Damme

    I’m a conservative, and one thing true conservatives do is conserve. Right now, I’m shopping for an EV.

    Note: not all conservatives are knucke-dragging tin-hat-wearing dittoheads.