Australia’s Veefil EV Charger Comes To America −

Australia’s Veefil EV Charger Comes To America

veefilThe Land Down Under isn’t in the green car news a lot, as Australians have been drawn to high-power, low-MPG muscle cars and trucks for decades. That is starting to change though, and one major indicator of Australia’s renewed interest in EVs is the introduction of Australian-made EV Chargers to the North American market.

Veefil, the only Australian EV Charger, will bring its EV Chargers to Canada and the U.S. after making its European debut. Add that to a growing list of Australian imports.

Developed over the past decade by Brisbane-based Tritium, Veefil can add 50 km or 31 miles of driving range in about 10 minutes. The Veefil is also one of the first fast chargers to support both the CHAdeMO and SAE CCS Combo charging standards, making it compliant with just about every electric vehicle for sale in North America.

“Obtaining UL compliance for North America so quickly is great news for us,” said Tritium’s commercial director, Paul Sernia. “We are one of the first UL approved EV fast chargers with multi-standard support for both the CHAdeMO and CCS fast charging standards used by all electric vehicles in North America.”

With Australia now starting to export its own native EV systems, is Oz starting to warm up to electric cars?


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