ABB Launches Fast Charger For China −

ABB Launches Fast Charger For China


China is pursuing an ambitious plan to get drivers out of gas and diesle-powered vehicles, and into EVs and hybrids. One of the main sticking points though is the lack of a fast charging network, with service spotty if its available at all.

To help buoy the launch of the Denza EV, Daimler and BYD joined together wtih ABB to develop a locally-built fast charger. The ABB Terra 53 Z complies with the Chinese GB charging standard, reports Green Car Congress, and the 50 kW stations can add 100km, or about 62 miles of range in as little as twenty minutes. The fast chargers are designed to fit into a number of private and public parking situations, and ABB will even install the stations at many of its local offices, including Shenzhen, where the stations are being built.

The goal is to eventually build one of the world’s largest EV charging networks across China, offering EV charging options to millions of drivers in a bid to convince consumers to ditch gas and diesel vehicles. A wave of generous government incentives on both the national and city level are driving buyers into EVs and hybrids, and it’s already being estimated that “new technology” vehicle sales will surge over the 50,000 unit mark this year.

But those drivers need places to plug in, and ABB aims to be there to provide that service…for a fee, of course.


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  • Sander Wolf

    So the Denza cannot charge at most European Fast Charge stations ? (Chademo, Combo, Mennekes AC) ?