A123 Systems Acquires Leyden Energy’s Micro-Hybrid Tech −

A123 Systems Acquires Leyden Energy’s Micro-Hybrid Tech

start-stopStart-stop technology is a relatively simple concept that could save hundreds of millions of fuel annually. A123 Systems recognizes the importance of micro-hybrids, acquiring technology from Leyden Energy for use with start-stop systems.

Green Car Congress reports that Leyden developed a lithium titanate and a non-flammable Li-imide electrolyte that can operate across a high range of temperatures over an extended period of time. It also recharges quickly and most importantly is low cost, meaning micro-hybrid tech can be integrated into new or existing cars without adding the full hybrid price premium. It’s also small and lightweight, making it the perfect candidate for the rising market of micro-hybrids.

In addition to IP rights for this new kind of micro-hybrid battery, A123 also acquired key Leyden employees to add to their R&D operations.

Some analysts think that micro hybrids, combined with efficient turbocharged engines, will become the cars of choice for future consumers. The low cost and efficient nature of these vehicles is a one-two combo that’s impossible to ignore, and A123 looks ready to capitilize with this new acquisition.



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