80% Of BMW i3 Buyers Come From Other Brands −

80% Of BMW i3 Buyers Come From Other Brands


Automakers often pride themselves on “conquest buyers”, those new car consumers who come from another brand. 80% of buyers of the BMW i3 come from other brands, indicating a high level of interest and awareness in the little electric car.

Electric car buyers are coming from all across the automotive spectrum, and with 4 out of 5 BMW i3 buyers coming from different brands, BMW has every right to brag. People have been talking about the i3 for years now, and obviously the talk has worked; there were more than 10,000 orders for the i3 before production began, and BMW has since increased production by 50% in order to meet demand.

So far, BMW has delivered over 3,000 i3 electric cars, with Norway, Germany, and the U.K. proving the most popular markets. But don’t count the U.S. out yet, as there were some 336 BMW i3s sold on our shores last month, the first month of sales, and that isn’t including the range-extended models that had to wait for EPA ratings.

Even James May of Top Gear fame has hopped on board the i3 hype train, showing just how far-reaching the appeal of a premium electric car has.



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