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Published on June 23rd, 2014 | by Christopher DeMorro


2015 Mercedes B-Class Electric Configurator Is Up


With production on the way and the first deliveries set to begin soon, the online configurator for the Mercedes B-Class Electric has opened up. Among the many pricey options are a few interesting features, including a “Temporary Range Extender.” Huh?

A part of the $600 Range Package, the Temporary Range Extender allows the Mercedes B-Class Electric to be charged a little more than usual, resulting in an extra 17 miles of range. Mercedes says this feature should only be used sparingly, as it can reduce the lifespan of the battery pack. Add that to the EPA-rated 87 miles of driving range, and you’ve got an EV capable of traveling 104 miles per charge. That’s because of the 28 kWh battery pack, 8 kWh is sectioned off in reserve, not to be used except by the temporary range extender. It’s frankly a must-have option on the B-Class, even if you only use it every now and then.

Other options include $1,700 for leather seats and $3,000 for the Premium Package, which includes bi-xenon lights, heated seats, a premium sound system, and also forces you to select the $2,370 Multimedia Package.

And suddenly you’re starring at a $50,000 electric vehicle. I guess Tesla kept its promise after all. It did build the Mercedes electric drivetrain, after all.


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    I am a Leaf lessee with 24,002 miles and 19 months on my lease. I test drove the MB B Class Electric Drive yesterday. Overall, I was very impressed with the ride, quiet, handling pep, and especially the insulation and window tinting that comes with the Range Extender option. It was clear and 88 deg F and I the direct sun I did not feel heat. The interior, overall styling and hatchback suit my tastes well.

    I am not enamored by the analog gages but I really like the small gage labeled e-cell which gives indication of the potential health of the battery or impact of heat, cold, or heavy load on the battery. There is a dal that shows how efficient I was driving which I quickly adapted to. The paddle control for “recuperation” was nice but I missed where it displayed which of the three levels of regen it was in. At the lowest level, it was almost single pedal driving. The hold feature when stopped on hills is nice and I did not notice creep when stopped

    The media controls were easy to pick up


    For clarity on the Range Extender option, if the button is pressed prior to charging it allows the battery capacity to be increased from 28 kw hrs to 33 kw hrs. The manual recommends against frequent use of this feature.

    If I bought the car Saturday I would barely have made it home from the outstanding dealer in Annapolis MD to my home south of Manassas VA. As much as I really like the MB B class Electric Drive, not having DC quick charge capability was a deal breaker.

    I drove my Leaf to and from but hit the EVGO CHAmeDO charger in Bowie MD both ways to stay out of the red. I think I lost my first bar of charge after this trip.

    I probably would have made it in the MB BEV but barely given interstate route even at the speed limit in the right lane.


    If MB B Class Electric Drive had a 48 kw hr battery with normal charge to 40 kw hr and either Supercharger or either of the other two DC quick charge standards I feel it would be a good value at $50k.

    It really feels like MB fit and finish inside and the ride and quiet is excellent, in my opinion.


    I did not get the MB B Class Electric Drive. I turned in my Leaf at the end of my lease Thanksgiving week. I have been driving my 2009 Prius (3rd) and wishing I had an EV every day. I am waiting now to see what the new Volt will offer but would really prefer a BEV. I drive a minimum of 73 miles a day and still can’t get chargers at any of my four work locations. There are Superchargers in the right locations but not DCQC, Chamedo or CCS. I can’t afford a Tesla but the MB B ED with Supercharger would be perfect for my needs. A Leaf with 48 KWH battery would as well. I have not found a Kia EV yet to test drive.

    • The new Volt looks pretty hot, imho. You gonna go with that or hold out for the Chevy Bolt, Tesla Model 3, etc?

      • DRVNMPKW

        I am leaning heavily towards waiting to lease a new Volt and then getting a Bolt. I may buy if I can’t get a lease with more than 15k miles per year

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