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Published on December 23rd, 2015 | by Zach


Last-Minute Christmas Present Idea — Tesla Raffle Ticket

December 23rd, 2015 by

It’s two days till Christmas! Don’t have a gift for someone yet? Surely they’d love a raffle ticket that gives them a chance to win a completely fully entirely loaded Tesla Model X or Model S.

Tesla Model X Raffle

The Climate XChange raffle* we’ve written about before is still going, and you can quickly pop on over to that website, buy a ticket, print it out, and slip it under the tree for your potentially *very* lucky friend, family member, or significant other.

Model-S-raffleThe total amount the grand prize winner gets is ~$150,000 — ~$110,000 for the Model X or S (which the winner gets to design exactly as they want), nearly $40,000 to pay the taxes on the winning (since it is counted as income by the IRS), $700 for a home EV charging station, and installation of the EV charging station.

That would be one epic Christmas present — surely would be the best ever for many of us.

If the raffle ticket doesn’t win the grand prize, there are several other cool prizes that would still make for stellar Christmas presents. These include electric bikes, a complete (huge) electric outdoor care kit, an iRobot scrubber and mopper, an iRobot vacuum cleaner which has won many awards and is mentioned in vacuum cleaner reviews very often, a “Tesla Model S Experience.” There are also alternative cash prizes if a winner would rather take cash than the item they win.

Naturally, the odds of winning are worse than the odds of not, but someone has to win (actually, several people have to win) and a maximum of 2,000 raffle tickets are being sold.

If the raffle ticket doesn’t bring a big prize, there’s still the good feeling of donating cash to an organization that is working to bring carbon pricing to Massachusetts, and hopefully beyond that. I’ve bought two tickets, and even expecting not to win, I’m very happy my money is going to this good organization.

I have seen and read about the hard, time-consuming, sweat-backed work Climate XChange is doing, and I think these activists have potential and could really make things happen. But money (obviously) enables a lot more.

But why are you still reading??? Jump on over and buy a Climate XChange raffle ticket — it’s one of the best last-minute Christmas presents I can think of.

Image by “elatable” of the Tesla Motors Club (TMC) forum

*Full Disclosure: Climate XChange has generously sponsored this article.


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